and assess the risks and opportunities in your business.

The BOBNett Compliance Scorecard benchmarks the structure of your contractor engagement to identify areas of risk and opportunities for growth.

Why take the test?


Your business could be at risk if the contractors you hire do not pass all the legal tests that determine if a contractor is compliant. This tool provides the information you need to evaluate your business risk.


Only by correctly structuring contractor engagements will you receive the benefits of productivity, flexibility and scalability. By aligning contractor’s goals to yours, you can create a dramatic shift in the energy of your business.


Answer 20 questions and get your free compliance report in less than 3 minutes, no strings attached.

This assessment is based upon very limited information and is intended to be only indicative of the status of the relationship between your business and those who perform its work. It cannot be taken as a guarantee that statutory authorities will reach the same conclusion.

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