Less Risk

Contracting is regulated by several governing bodies who apply specific legal tests to determine if a contracting relationship is legitimate. Every case is judged on its merits by looking at the whole scenario and the balance of legal tests. Understanding the law and your responsibilities is important for both contractors and hirers.
We see many businesses that are great at what they do, but don’t have the time or resources to fully understand contractor compliance. The misclassification of contractors can be devastating for a small business.
  • Do you know all the legal tests?
  • Are you completely confident in your compliance?

Less Admin

BOBNett is an online job board and contractor management system. Our system has been designed to streamline the time consuming administration required to manage independent contractors efficiently. BOBNett gives you the tools you need to implement the 5 steps to compliance.

More Growth Opportunity

Correctly structuring contractor engagements allows you to receive the benefits of productivity, flexibility and scalability. By aligning contractor's goals to yours, you create a dramatic shift in the energy of your business.


A contractor that is results orientated, creates efficiency to get a job done quicker and to a high standard. In turn, this reduces overheads and improves profitability.


Gives you the freedom to negotiate terms and conditions suitable to each individual circumstance. This allows you to adapt to market conditions quickly and easily.


A business setup for scale has the capacity to expand or contract depending on demand. This structure allows you to focus on building your business with the confidence to deliver.

About BOBNett

At BOBNett, we believe that independent contractors provide the most motivated, autonomous, productive and flexible workforce available to business.
Engaging independent contractors is a minefield of legal tests that determine the status of a contractor. Every case is tested on its own merits by reviewing the balance of the legal tests. Small businesses need more support to ‘clear the air’ and gain clarity on what the law is so they can hire contractors with confidence. The ‘grey area’ only exists when you don’t have the knowledge, tools and resources to achieve compliance.
Our mission is to help facilitate growth, productivity and compliance for small business through better contractor management.


  • " You guys are great - you've made running our business so much easier! " - Emily

  • " Very simply I would not be in business if I could not use the Bobnett system. It brings peace of mind in dealing with subcontractors when this is generally an area that brings a lot of stress. " - Leesa

  • " I am a builder and could not exist without BOB! " - Ken